Touchpoint API Posting Page

Welcome to the Tea Leaves Health Touchpoint API page.

Touch Points are any data source where you are engaged with a patient or prospect outside of your delivery of care system. These are normally things like your call center, web site registrations or people that register or attend classes and events. The purpose of this data in the Tea Leaves System is to allow you to engage with these responders to either do follow up or messaging or to reach out to interested parties for specific outreach programs. The following materials will outline the data structure and delivery methods for getting these diverse data sets to Tea Leaves Health for inclusion in your platform.

This site is designed to help you post form data to the Tea Leaves Health Strategic Growth Platform via https form posts or via sftp file uploads.

If you need a login for this site please contact your representative at Tea Leaves Health. The login for this site is different than the login for the Tea Leaves Health applications.